Welcome to the Middle School Math Group at Stella Maris Academy


We are fortunate to have small math classes that meet the needs of our students. Our goal is for our students to achieve great success in mathematics. 

Everyone can excel in math. For some the skills come with ease and the answers come naturally, while others need to work hard and develop strategies to master the skills. However, most students will find they are somewhere in between- some concepts come more naturally than others.  Our goal is to help all students find a comfort level where math is more than just manageable- it's FUN! Each math lesson is designed to help reach this goal. Break away from math anxiety and enjoy the learning process. We'll get there!

Class News

Students and ALEKS
Middle school students are busy each week working toward their weekly topic goals in the online ALEKS program outside of their classroom time. This program is great practice in math concepts and gives our students experience with online learning and assessments. Our students enjoy reaching their weekly goal and often exceed their goal!! Keep up the good effort!!